Energy Decision Making

Contains episodes about how various aspects of energy generation, delivery, and usage impact both commercial and personal decision making.


Energy Generation & Gridnq1NmOE.jpg

Contains episodes about different methods of energy generation such as coal, wind, solar, and nuclear power.  Discusses power delivery and the “big-picture” of energy distribution.


Energy Policy & Economics

Contains episodes that explain the impact that various energy forms have on public policy as well as individual, commercial, and global economics.


Energy Storage

Contains episodes that describe the concepts and implications of energy storage systems such as batteries and solar power.


Environmental Impact

Contains episodes that analyze the impact of various energy forms on the environment.



Residential Energy Use & Efficiency

Contains episodes that explain how different energy forms can affect residential consumers and how energy efficiency in the home can be improved.


Shale Gas & Fracking

Contains episodes that analyze the uses and impacts of shale gas as an energy source as well as the impacts of fracking on its surroundings.



Contains episodes that describe the role energy plays in the development of new transportation technology.

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